Olympia; An experience that lives since 776 BC in a day tour

Experience this unique private tour by Best Greece Tours that make your vacation extraordinary!The legend of Olympia that lives since the 8th Century BC and gives you a strong flavor of ancient Greece! The city where the very first Olympic Games took place! The Olympic spirit started hear, in ancient Olympia. The Olympic flame lighted and the Olympic games began. Enjoy this private tour visiting the magnificent ruins of ancient Olympia with its athletic training areas, temples of the gods Hera and Zeus and an expanisve Olympic stadium.

Highlights of an experience that lives since 776 BC in a day tour

  • The breathtaking views of Corinth canal
  • The first Olympic stadium
  • The museum of ancient Olympia
  • The ancient temple of Zeus
  • A 9 h legendary private tours with scenic landscape
  • An expert English speaking tour driver

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