Heavenly Christian 4-hours tour in Corinth On Paul’ steps

If you have already visited the highlights of Athens and you are seeking now a new adventure, the Corinth canal and ancient Corinth is an excellent choice just 1 hour away from Athens! Corinth was amongst the richest cities of Greece in ancient times and this is quite evident by its remains. Combine a scenic journey to the impressive Corinth Canal with visits to Ancient Corinth to see St Paul’s “Bema” close to the amazing temple of Apollo. Follow the western coastline of the Saronic golf to the famous Corinth Canal on a 60 minutes scenic ride. Make a 15-minute rest stop at the canal before continuing on to the ancient city one of antiquity’s most significant and cosmopolitan towns of Greece.

Highlights of the Heavenly Christian 4-hours tour in Corinth On Paul’ steps

  • The breathtaking view of the impressive Corinth canal
  • 4 hours Ancient Corinth private tour
  • See the treasures of Corinth, the Apollo Temple, Fountain of Glauke, Spring of Periander.
  • Apostle Paul church in ancient Corinth