Athens Jewish 8-hours private tour & Athens famous memorials

Athens, home to a wonderful Jewish community. Your Best Greece Tours private chauffeur will take you to the New and Old Synagogue, the Holocaust monument, and of course the Jewish Museum. Jewish communities appeared first in Greece during the 5th century BC. Since then, a long and rich history of Greeks and Jews living side by side for over 2.500 years. They have participated throughout all periods of Greek history and even today are a central part of modern everyday life.

Highlights of the Athens Jewish 8-hours private tour & Athens famous memorials

  • The Athens Synagogue
  • The old Synagogue
  • The Holocaust memorial
  • 8 hours of private tours to the world-famous memorials
  • The Acropolis and Parthenon
  • The ancient Olympic stadium (first modern Olympic games)
  • The best Jewish museum in Europe

On 21.05.2019 Georgia N. Gleoudi, a religious scholar and blogger wrote a very beautiful article for the newspaper Kathimerini for our Jewish in Athens! So here it is: click for More…